Service Options &
Discounted Labs

We do not bill insurance except straight Medicare Part B.

For all other patients with or without insurance: Initial consultation is required, after which patient can choose from the following options:

1. Pay per Visit.

2. Premium Membership

3. Flex Membership
Neha Lalani

New consultation

New consult/ Second opinion: $399 

Duration: Typically, 60-90 min long and includes 1 follow-up phone call.

Required for all new patients. 

$100 non-refundable fee will be collected at the time of appointment confirmation and will be used toward appointment fees. 

Tips to get reimbursed by insurance for out-of-network benefits:

If you have a PPO plan, it is possible that you can get reimbursed by your insurance. There are apps in the market (eg. Reimbursify) that can be used to check how much (%) will be reimbursed as well as to easily submit your superbill for reimbursement for a minor cost (~$4).

(Disclaimer: This information is strictly for patient’s benefit; we are not related to any such apps or software in any way)


Pay per Visit (Follow up)

Best suited for patients that require less than 2 visits per year.

Follow-up Fee: $250

Duration: Typically 30-45mins, includes one follow up phone call.

*Additional charges for services like forms, letters, Prior Authorizations, telephone communications in between visits. Details will be provided upon request. 

Service options

Membership Plans

Best suited for patients that require more than 2 visits per year.

Enjoy all-inclusive access to your Endocrinologist for a low monthly fee! The goal of membership is to have active, ongoing care from your doctor, without the limitations of insurance bureaucracy.

Unable to take time off from work to go to your appointment? Not a problem! We can do a telemedicine or phone visit during lunch break or in the evenings or weekends (limited availability).

Have an urgent question and can’t wait till the next appointment? You get to have direct access to Dr. Lalani via email or text.

No additional charges for forms, insurance prior authorizations and downloading and reviewing CGM.

You also get access to deeply discounted labs.

Membership options and suitability will be discussed at the first appointment. A 6-month commitment and 30-day written cancellation notice will be required. 

*Pricing will be updated periodically on this website.

1. Premium Membership

 Monthly Price: $150

You pay $450 every 3 months with membership vs $750 without membership, in addition to all other perks of membership!

Includes monthly visits with Dr. Lalani.

Deeply discounted labs are offered.

2. Flex Membership

Monthly Price: $100

You pay $300 every 3 months with membership vs $500 without membership, in addition to all other perks of membership!

Includes an appointment every other month with Dr. Lalani. 

Deeply discounted labs are offered.

Below please find a sample of some of the lab prices that will be offered to members. A comprehensive menu will be provided to members upon sign up.

Member price Price without insurance
CBC W/ auto diff with platelets $3 $41.5
Complete Metabolic Panel $4 $78.25
Lipid Panel $4.5 $90.75
Hemoglobin A1C $6 $82
Random urine protein/creatinine ratio $9 $74.25
TSH $5 $91.5
Free T4 $6 $149.5
Free T3 $9 $209
Intact PTH $25 $160
Thyroglobulin $15 $149.5
Thyroglobulin and antibody $18 $176.5
FSH and LH $15 $186.5
Estradiol $11 $200.25
Testosterone-free and total with SHBG $25 $231
Serum cortisol $9 $118

We are proudly serving patients in the greater Austin area and California (telemedicine), starting March 2024!


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