Direct Care and

Endocrinology & Diabetes Direct care

Why Direct Care?

Direct care practice is a revolutionary model designed to do away with or significantly decrease the control of middlemen like insurance companies on physician-patient relationships and the quality of care they receive. Your appointments will no longer feel like a long wait time in the lobby, followed by a quick check-in by your doctor, refills, bye-bye, and then surprise bills in the mail. We value the physician-patient relationship and consider it of utmost importance for successful treatment. We take ample time to discuss all of your concerns so that you do not leave the appointment with questions and dissatisfaction with the visit. In case after-visit questions were to arise, we try to address these as soon as possible and not keep you waiting.

Do you accept any insurance?

We proudly serve our seniors by accepting straight Medicare parts B. We do not accept Medicare Advantage plans or any other insurance (including Medicaid).


What are my options if I have insurance (except straight Medicare parts A and B)?

If you have out-of-network benefits, you can get reimbursed by your insurance by submitting the superbill that we provide (however, we do not make the guarantee that you will get reimbursed).

You may still use your insurance for services like getting labs and imaging and obtaining medications and DME items.

We are proudly serving patients in the greater Austin area and California (telemedicine), starting March 2024!


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